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20:58, 2014-Nov-13

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russia girls
03:26, 2014-Apr-27

LOOKING JOBS The interview for the post of Secretary of the company was set closer to dinner time. Summer weather outside has allowed me to put on my dark blue blouse and graphite-colored skirt, coming down to the knees. Black tights underneath effectively hugged my shapely legs. Of shoes I chose velvet dark shoes with tiny bows on the front. Heels made me a couple of inches above my body and gave special zhenstvennost.Dozhidayas until freed Director, I am familiar with the challenges in the hallway signs and stands firm, hanging on the walls read documents and other papers. Girls managers zasobiralis for lunch, quickly left the floor and leaving me alone in front of the cabinet chief. A couple of minutes later there came two men, and followed to the elevator. I followed his gaze, then turned its attention to interest me the door. The next moment on the threshold appeared the director, to the position of Secretary pretendovala.- I beg you, come on - he said politely, courteously waving his hand toward his kabineta.Ya crossed the threshold, and my eyes appeared a cozy interior design. Everything was expensive and luxurious. A huge table in the middle of the table, leather chairs, a small sofa in the corner, expensive paintings, vases, figurines and other items, attention-grabbing. Blinds on the windows were half closed, and corner of the room were a little gloom. Coming through the window in small portions sunlight sprawling negligent strips, which were collected in the center of the cabinet under the chandeliers hanging bells. I sat down on a soft leather chair, nicely drowned in it. Director sat down at his seat and looked at menya.- Well, let's first get acquainted - he began ulybchivo.Mihail S. was the name of the director, seemed quite nice and pleasant person. He was short, stocky and compact. He was wearing gray ironed and cast shine trousers, patent leather shoes, top buttons turquoise shirt was unbuttoned. He smelled of an exotic perfume. He asked me about the previous job, about what I was doing before, on computer skills, on seme.Ya told him that married that I was thirty-seven years, I have an eleven-year son who goes to school. He listened to me very carefully, asking counter-questions, mainly concerning my abilities. I knew that my experience will play a decisive role, in spite of my age. Thought that he needed a worker younger than me, quickly vanished when he jokingly began to talk about the fact that in the same place was a stupid girl who had just graduated from college, do not hold out for long. - What are you ready for this job? - Deceitfully in his voice and facial expressions on the face of incomprehensible asked Mikhail Sergeyevich, involuntarily glancing at the area blouses, which hides my bra - at this place for many of the candidates and the selection of course very careful she know - he added, continuing to study my figuru.- what do you mean? - I blurted out sharply, a little stunned to change in facial features - to which I am ready? - I repeated his words - It depends on what you want? My question is, he met with a casual smile on his lips, which reads "You know what it is, do not play the naive girl" .- And what do you think you need a boss who has a tense and stressful job, which is a day to meet and talk with a bunch of people who would under other circumstances he would have sent to hell. I need a relax - he finished, his hands clasped pyramid on the table surface. This phrase was followed by a long silence, during which I, removing eyes, looked the other way. In my head whirled wasp swarm of thoughts. Thoughts of a lot of money, and the prospect of career growth. Thoughts of a cynical and cruel world in which no one owes nothing. Where everything can be bought and sold. Where no feelings. One payment. One naked physics. - Do you want sex with me? - I asked timidly, - without turning his head and continued to stare into strips blinds okne.Oblegchenno reaching and upright in the shoulders, Mikhail Sergeyevich quite looked in my direction - Yes, sometimes I will want sex with his secretary to rasslabitsya.Three minutes we looked at each other. He, assessing me from head to toe, running on me smiling eyes. I looked seriously weighing the pros and protiv.- immoral not argue. But honestly - he concluded - agree with me - Yes, honestly, but I somehow strange to hear this - lowering his eyes, said I. 'In general, what we have done - busily leaning toward me, he said, - if, according to your work, there is, therefore, seeking success in another company. Taking a break, I took a deep breath, took the fallen forward strand of hair behind her ear. I sat in silence, looking down and looking at his hand. Three minutes staring at the intersecting lines on it. Think of nothing hotelos.Ya looked at him. He greeted me with a smile I agree - quietly whispered I. 'Well, that's umnichka - said my boss, otodvinuvshis from the table and rolled back on a movable chair - I need to check your namereniya.Podnyavshis, Mikhail Sergeyevich, skirted the edge of the table and came up to me. I slowly stood up, leaving her purse lying on the floor beside the chair. He was a little less than my height. I looked into his dark eyes and knew that I continue to feel uneasy about the whole proiskhodyaschego.- Relax - he whispered, pulling me to him. I closed my eyes and closed my lips. The next moment felt his mouth touches my face and hands fall on my buttocks, squeezing them tightly. Involuntarily gasp, I opened my lips and his tongue entered my mouth, began to lick and caress my gums and palate. I did not answer immediately. Starting to touch the tongue of his mouth, I felt relaxed and stiffness leaving me. Another moment and caved in the back, I snuggled close to him. His fingers through her skirt with tights roughly squeezed my ass. Lips slid down my neck and started to kiss her. I realized that excited. I liked his touch. Took me by the shoulders, pushed his boss hands in the middle and began to unbutton my blouse, exposing the chest. Leaning to face me, he began to lick the surface between them. Boss around my back, and the next moment, we both saw how my chest is freed from fetters of her underwear. Elastic flesh tempting fell out. Lifchikupal to nogam.Mihail S. stooped, his mouth started sucking each breast in turn, already licking nipples sticking out from the excitement. His tongue circled the dark halos, causing my inarticulate groans. Head thrown back, I sweetly moaned as he began to massage his lips the flesh of one breast, greedily sucking the skin around it. A little aloof, boss stepped back and began to unbutton his mouth remen.- to work - in a commanding manner he said, giving a look at the front sticking out his trousers rampant hill ploti.Pokorno obedience, I squatted down and watched his further movements. He undid the belt to the end, allowing the pants automatically fall at his feet. Through the white matter were evident pant silhouettes its impressive machine, which I had now obsluzhit.- Want to suck his boss? - He asked, taking his underpants elastic sides and ready to pull their vniz.Proglotiv approaches to the throat saliva, I approvingly nodded his head in agreement. Chef lowered his pants and my face suddenly into his fat cock. The size it was a little more than my husband, smooth-shaven and with a pointed head and slightly covered with dark hairs testicles hanging vniz.Poddavshis forward, I opened her mouth and watched as thick cock enters my throat. My panties were wet with excitement. I squatted and doing blowjob to her future boss. I liked to suck her husband, but to do it with barely familiar man was much more pleasant and exciting. My mouth rhythmically swallowed the barrel of his penis. Head moved back and forth, bringing pleasure to the male standing in front of me. I dutifully sat at his feet, holding with one hand at the base of his thick cock and licking the scarlet head, circling on her tongue and gently clasping her lips. Chef blissfully groaned, putting his hand on my head, feeling wild pleasure from my unquestioning podchineniya.- Oh yeah, my girl ... like ... .da - murchal it, moving his buttocks to the beat of my golove.Shvativ my head and squeezing her hands as in a vise, he began to have a sharp quick jerks in my mouth by pushing his cock into my wide-open cavity. I do not get enough air, I wanted to breathe, the chief realized this and abruptly took a member of my mouth. I choked. Accumulated in the throat drool, long threads hanging on my chin and reached for his cock. So erotic sight, discouraged chief, he rolled his eyes and sweet zastonal.- We're worked perfectly my baby, for such blowjobs I will appoint you an additional premium - inconsistent breath he said, continuing to fuck me in the head as shlyuhu.Eti words pleased me very hard, and I decided to give free rein to their imagination. Mad desire seized me completely covering my mind sizzling excitement and warmth between her legs. Sharply pressed member of the chief to his stomach, I tilted her head a little lower and completely swallowed his scrotum with his mouth. Mikhail Sergeyevich zaohal loudly and shivered, shifting from one foot to the other, when I began to knead his testicles with his lips, licking them and gently sucking in mouth. Continuing to masturbate his penis with one hand, I sucked his scrotum, feeling emerged a surge in its testikulah.- Oh-oh-oh ... - sweet boss groaned, lifting me by the armpits with squatting - come to me. I want to fuck you. Sat me down on the edge of their large table, he lifted my skirt up to waist level and quickly began raining down tights with my trusikami.- Mikhail Sergeyevich - anxious voice interrupted me - I mesyachnye.Zastyv on the floor of the road, taking off my underwear he stared at me, then looked down to panties and seeing a white lining, unhappy and annoyed look on menya.- Why did not you say - with reproach in his voice he shouted, not knowing what to do in this situation. Not wanting to disappoint his boss, I pulled up to the knee tights, then pulled down her panties and turned her back to him. Then the stomach lay on the table, legs spread shoulder width apart. Clasping his delicious ass with his hands, I spread her buttocks, revealing a picture of your boss narrow anal dyrochku.- ebite ass - rude, I threw him, turning his head through plecho.Dovolny boss, moistened his fingertips saliva and held them in my anus. With my husband, I rarely engaged in anal sex. There were a couple or three times under Shafei. My feelings can be said to have been initially not much, but then I got a taste, and even received a couple of times orgasms. But a member of the chief was much more, and I was a little afraid to disappoint his bossa.- narrow hole you here - developing my ass finger, said Mikhail Sergeyevich - you hurt budet.- No - clearly I said - do not be afraid, I like when I'm there imeyut.Sgoraya impatience, the boss took his finger out of my ass, and put to the anus his swollen penis. Wild desire poured the blood of his scarlet flesh. With a few millimeters of movement, she began to stretch my anus. There was a sharp pain. Realizing that the boss will be unhappy if I step back and give lapel turn and work, I can not see, I endured pain. Pushing into my ass end of his trunk, the boss all in one motion thrust member for the entire length of my rectum. I vskriknula.- hurt? - Asked the boss, firmly holding my yagoditsy.- No - I lied, trying to relax and take it easy on a small discomfort - can to fuck me as hotite.Poluchiv the green light for a moment, the chief slowly input and output of his cock out of my ass, watching my anus produces, and then re-draws its unit. He liked the look of a small hole through his thick monster my ass stretched several times. At the foramen ovale, and he continued to fuck me, holding his hips. Jerk he pecked me crustaceans, getting pleasure from the friction member in my undeveloped hole. I muffled moaning, biting her lips. Pain turned into pleasure. I kayfovat when his cock tore my ass, brushing the sensory receptors in the skin. His balls plopped loudly about my promezhnost.Ya immediately realized that the boss is the type of men who enjoy the process of owning a female. I obeyed him. He literally had me as a thing that is bought for money. Said directly about their desires and needs. Rude and clearly. And now with a sense of the winner had me in my gorgeous ass. Rigidly fucked crustaceans someone else's wife, folded in front of him in tights with battened up skirt. For a long time I did not have such an alpha male, I thought, and in the next few moments, my body shook from surging orgasm. I howled drawl, and his legs buckled themselves. Hands boss did not let me slide vniz.On felt that I came and strengthened its frictions, tightly press my buttocks. Excitation of the chief came to an end. He screamed and voluptuously, pushing member on the eggs, emptied his barrel deep into my anus. I could feel his cock throbbing and urethral pours hot cum. My ass was filled with his seed. He held me back before the end of releasing a portion of its nectar in my ass. Removing the member, the chief took a deep breath and patted me on the buttocks. Then prudently tapped and rubbed over my head flushed popke.- Well my girl - he whispered, putting on shorts and pants - your work. You can start from tomorrow dnya.On stood at my side and tucked his shirt into his pants, not paying any attention to me. His cold behavior hurt me. I'm not used to that with me so treated, especially after what was between us. But he did not even filed a form that still feels to me this interest. The male got his. I realized that about any rapprochement I even do not think. It was just sex. Rellaks as he called it. Chef just fucked me. Relieved the tension with my pomoschyu.Ya lying on his stomach on a table with a skirt and pants battened down pantyhose. Out of my anus, bulknuv and bubbled, began to pour out onto the floor liquid semen. I felt for his hand mangled hole and felt like there are four easy my thin fingers. Leaning on hands, I tore the breast of the table, and his arms, felt for her panties and clothed them. Then walked over to her purse and pulled out a wet wipe. I wiped my crotch and hands, straightened and fastened the bra, and began to lead myself up. Then farewell to Mikhail Sergeyevich, left his office, preparing tomorrow to start a new job russia girls

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